Choosing a Preschool Carpet

When setting up your preschool one of your most important decisions will be choosing a preschool carpet. There are so many choices, designs, colors, and sizes. It can be intimidating. Let’s try to spell out what your choices are. In the end it is up to the teacher or administrator of the preschool.

Why not just have a bare floor? Why do you want to have carpeting in your preschool? The padding of the carpet will provide a safety net for the children. It will provide warmth during the cold season. It will be a comfortable place to have lessons and circle time. The familiarity will be a comfort zone that the children will want to return to. Set up a time for your lessons. Set up rules for behavior that apply to sitting on your preschool carpet. Make that time fun, exciting and full of information.

The preschool carpet will be a learning environment. The children will be learning just from looking at it. They will learn without even being aware of it. Depending on the preschool carpet that you choose, your preschool children will be learning ABC’s or alphabet, color and shapes. The carpets that are available today can also teach Spanish, sign language, maps of the United Stated or the world, multicultural and inspiration themes and so much more.

Carpets come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. When choosing size and shape, look at the purpose of the preschool carpet. If it is for circle and lesson time and you have 8 children, you will need a different size than if you have 20 children. You may be purchasing a carpet just for your reading learning center or dramatic play learning center. These carpets will be sized for their functions. You may like a shape the puts all the children around the edge of the carpet. The children will be facing each other and you, as the teacher will be able to get a good view of all the children at once.

Find a preschool carpet that has great eye appeal. Look for ones with bright colors, great design and the best materials. Some have designs like geometric shapes, books, pencils, maps and children’s faces. You get to choose what appeals to you and what you think the children will like. There is function and there is design. Choose one that fills both of these needs.

Look for a good-quality carpet. You will want a premium nylon that is bound on the edges. It needs to pass fire code requirements. A good preschool carpet will have a lifetime abrasive wear warranty, a lifetime anti-bacterial treatment and stain guard protection. Look for a company that stands behind their product and has the best prices guaranteed.

You will want to choose a preschool carpet that will be fun yet the children will learn from it. A good trick of seasoned professional teachers is to introduce items that teach without even trying. The preschool carpet is the prime example of this. It will be a learning tool that the children will enjoy. Get on the professional bandwagon and get your preschool carpet now.

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